Real Estate Primosten

Real Estate Primosten

Primosten is unique city in the central part of Dalmatia, situated between cities of Sibenik and Trogir. With population of 2 850 people, it is one of smaller cities on Adriatic coast. Old town of Primosten was an islet before, so it is well preserved and unique with its architecture and overall beauty. It is surrounded with amazing coastline, crystal clear sea and today is connected with mainland with road to make approach to the old town much easier. As it is popular tourist place, most of houses in old town are occupied for restaurants and apartments, while locals and foreign residents are building their homes in the area around Primosten overlooking old town and Adriatic sea.

Primosten has an excellent connections with surrounding cities and main motorway. City is 20 kilometers away from entrance to A1 motorway, Sibenik and Trogir. Closest ferry port is in Sibenik, connecting nearest islands in Sibenik archipelago.

Adriatic route is connecting Primosten with other cities and places, while traveling with motorway is mostly used for longer distances like traveling to Zagreb (4h) and Split (1h). Potential of this area is amazing for relaxing vacation without too much noise and enjoying in untouched nature. There are no factories around Primosten, only marinas in Rogozica (Marina Frapa) and Marina Kremik, next bay from Primosten.

Life in Primosten

Life in Primosten is relaxing, definitely slow-paced during all year around. Winters are very calm and quiet because there are no too many tourists around. During summer it gets busier, especially from May to September as tourist season brings more people from European countries like Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic etc. Primosten is considered as family oriented vacation place, with a lot of restaurants, cafes and moorings for sailing boats and yachts. There are different types of cuisine offered in summer, while Mediterranean cuisine prevails. Climate is great with mild winters and warm summers. Average temperature during winter is around 10° Celsius, while in summer temperature can get up to 38° Celsius. Area is not windy, with a pleasant afternoon breeze from west in summer.

Primosten real estate market

As previously mentioned that mostly families are visiting Primosten, this area is perfect for those who want to escape from urban life and city noise. Area is extremly safe, with no crime rate which represents in constant raise of real estate prices, especially in Villas.

Area where a lot of Villas are built, and still building is located on eastern slopes on hill overlooking old town of Priomosten and enjoying in most sun and amazing sunsets. Buyers are usually from Central Europe, basically returning visitors to this magical place who want to have their dream home in this amazing area. Primosten real estate market is diverse when you look where are buyers coming from, but they all have same goals and wishes, enjoying in peaceful area in Croatia. If you want to compare other regions please check Real Estate Croatia .

Why buy Primosten real estate?

Primosten real estate market is quite special. Comparing like other areas like, Split, Dubrovnik and Zagreb, you will see a lot of differences in terms of buyers and their purposes. In Primosten buyers are mostly searching for their dream homes, not that many investment real estate. Even though renting is still pretty good business to do in Primosten, as season starts in early May and ends in October. During the winter this area is very calm, very enjoyful with a lot of sunny days and it is perfect to stay healthy and out of stress zone. In summer you will always have place to escape during season peak. Buying real estate in Primosten is excellent opportunity for those who are searching for beautiful dream home in magnificent area on Adriatic sea. Prices are lower than in Real Estate Split and Real Estate Trogir as nearest areas.

Primosten real estate prices

Primosten real estate prices depend on distance from the sea and type of investment. Most of „first row to the sea“ Villas are built on western side from the old town, where you can find building land and luxurious Villas. Price starts at 500€ per square meter for building land. Villas first row to the sea cost more than 1 000 000€. Primosten real estate prices can be considered as moderate comparing other areas in Croatia, especially Dalmatia. If you are searching for Villa with nice sea view, built on slopes (mostly on eastern side from old town) price vary between 500 000€ and 1 000 000€ depending on how luxurious Villa is.

Apartments are built closer to the old town, within walking distance and median price per square meter is around 2 500€. As there are not too many building land left to build apartment, prices are expected to grow in next years. As everywhere else, prices of real estate in Primosten depend from area to area. Prices ranging from 3 000€ to 5 000€ per square meter are expected in the old town of Primosten overlooking sea. When you compare this prices with Real Estate Dubrovnik , prices are still much lower.

Are you looking to buy a property in Primosten? You are not sure where to start? For more information about real estate in Primosten, please contact us.