Real Estate Croatia

Real Estate Croatia

Numbers behind Real Estate in Croatia

Population: 4 million

Number of households: 1.4 million

Average price of apartment per square meter: 2.200€

Average price of house per square meter: 2.000€

Number of new households per year: 14 000

Teritorial differences

Unoficially Croatia has 5 regions. Slavonija (north – east), Zagreb and Medimurje (north), Istria (north-west), Lika (central) and Dalmatia (south and south – east). Each region has its own pros and cons, and most popular areas are: Dalmatia, Istria, Zagreb and lately Lika because of Plitvice Lakes UNESCO protected National Park.  Each region has something special, so due to high diversity anyone will find area that will suit his or her interests.

Zagreb and Medimurje

Area which has been historicly connected with Austria and Hungary has its own special architecture. Zagreb, as a capital city has high growth of newly built apartments in city center and surrounding areas like Velika Gorica, Samobor and Zapresic. Price has been increasing from 2015. due to tourism growth and good returns of renting, increasing number of young families seeking for apartments and young students renting apartments in areas close to universities. If you are looking to buy house or villa, most popular areas are in Gornji Grad (Upper town), while most interesting areas to own apartment are in city center, near main square Bana Jelacica, Ilica street. It is expected for future prices to grow, despite earthquake and Covid pandemic in 2020. If you are looking for a place to run your business in Croatia, live urban, but still peaceful life with great connectivity to other European capitals, Zagreb is a great place for you to buy real estate in Croatia. Best type of real estate would be apartment near city center, three bedroom, close to tram and main roads.

Pros: great connectivity (Zagreb airport, main train station, 4 main highways), great infrastructure, political and economical center of Croatia, good returns of investment, moderate prices to buy real estate

Cons: colder weather comparing to Dalmatia and Istria, traffic jams in city center, no entrance to the sea


Region so popular with tourists that it is hard to find good building land for sale first row to the sea, so many people are building in Istrian inland luxurios villas and houses to stay away from popular tourist places, but to be pretty close to popular cities like Rovinj, Porec, Umag, Novigrad and Pula. Western side of Istria is extremley popular amoung tourists and people seeking for real estate due to wonderful ancient cities, beaches, amazing sunsets and great restaurants. Real estate market is depending highly on tourism, as a lot of villas and apartments are renting during season. This place is ideal if you want to stay close to other Central European Countries like Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Germany, within few hours driving distance and own a property in this magical region. Most popular type of real estate to buy in Istria are Villas with pool which you can use for private purposes and rent during season (spring – summer – autumn).

Pros: driving distance for Central Europan countries, great weather, great returns on investments, English, Italian and German speaking area.

Cons: not so great connectivity with flights (airports in Pula and Rijeka are not that popular), no train connection


The most beautiful region if you are seeking for amazing coastline, beautiful Islands and crystal clear sea. Spreading from city of Zadar, through Split all the way to Dubrovnik including Dalmatian Islands like Hvar, Brac, Vis, Solta, Korcula and many others this region is „heart“ of Croatia and offers many great places to own real estate. As it is located more on south or south – east, it takes longer driving from Central European countries, but it is well connected with three major International airports in Split, Dubrovnik and Zadar. There is one more international airport on Island Brac which has more and more flights every year. Three National Parks, 5 cultural UNESCO sites, architecture from 4th century BC show that this area was historicly important. Most interesting real estate in Dalmatia are: apartments and houses in old town-s, newly built apartments and Luxury Villas. Restauration business with buying apartments in old town and creating luxurious cottages can be really effective and profitable with returns over 30%. Luxury Villas are mostly built close to the sea or more up hill with amazing views and prices are starting at 500 000€. Investing or buying property in this area is definitely winning on short and long term. It is important to say that this area has ground made of limestone which makes structure of the House even stronger, earthquakes are really rare and climate is extremley good with a lot of sunny days. Check out more at Real Estate Trogir , Real Estate SplitReal Estate Primosten and Real Estate Dubrovnik .

Pros: great weather, rich culture and history, great returns on investment, excellent structure of land, great business opportunities, great connection (3 airports, railway, sea ports)

Cons: pricey in areas like Split and Dubrovnik


Maybe the least popular region, where people left their homes seeking for better life opprtunities in Zagreb, Dalmatia and outside of the country. With low prices of real estate, Slavonia shows great perspective for those who like to invest on long term and live peacefully outside of city noise. Most popular areas are Osijek, Vinkovci and Slavonski Brod. Newly built apartments are in Osijek where you can find prices around 1.500€ per square meter which is awesome for a city with airport, tram, connected with highway and industrial and economical center. If you are looking to build a house in this area you will definitely find cheap building land anywhere around mentioned cities.

Pros: cheaper properties than other areas in Croatia, beautiful nature, still pretty good connectivity and infrastructure

Cons: not good area to invest, colder weather than Dalmatia, no entrance to the sea


Often considered as „heart of Croatia“ with one of the most beautiful natural sights in Europe, UNESCO protected Plitvice Lakes National Park. This region offers unique tranquillity as it is surrounded by mountains with a lot of forrests, fields, rivers and clean air. Position of Like is relatively good, as it is close to the sea, close to Capital Zagreb, Dalmatia and Istria. Infrastruture is not the best, even though main highway goes through Lika connecting Zagreb with Split and Dubrovnik. Prices of real estate in Lika are really diverse. It is hard to find good properties for sale around Plitvice Lakes and prices are really high comparing other parts of Lika. Apartments are not popular as there is much land to build in areas except Plitvice Lakes, so people who plan to move here are generally building houses or Villas for rent.

Prons: beautiful nature, good position and connectivity, good returns on investments around Plitvice Lakes, 4 season weather with snow in winter

Cons: no international airports, diverse prices, not developed infrastructure


Luxury Dalmatia is real estate agency specialized in properties in region of Dalmatia, and our goal is to give you wider prospective on all areas/regions in Croatia where you can buy your home or invest in real estate. Our conslusion that the most potential has region of Dalmatia, no matter if you want to live and enjoy in beautiful nature and amazing weather, or if you are seeking for business opportunities to invest in real estate.