Can forigners buy property in Croatia

Yes, but there are different requests and conditions depending where are you from. EU citizens have the same rights as Croatians and can buy real estate with issuing Croatian ID card and OIB (personal number). Non-EU citizens need to follow reciprocity principle depending on Country they are from, and need approval from Ministry of Justice – Republic of Croatia

How much is tax when I'm buying real estate in Croatia?

That depends if you are buying real estate from a company or person. There is no tax when you are buying real estate from a company if on the invoice is shown VAT (Croatian VAT is 25%). If you are buying real estate from person than you need to pay 3% tax to the city or local tax office. Buyer pays the tax, only once.

Is Croatia good country to live or invest?

Croatia is excellent country to live in due to very warm Meditaranean climate and mild winters. With most sunny days together with Greece and Malta, Croatia is very good for those who are seeking for nice weather and friendly people. Investing in real estate is connected with tourism, and ROI’s are around 8% on Villas and Luxury apartments.

Are prices of reale estate growing in Croatia?

Prices are constatly growing due to high demand and very good tourist seasons every year (except 2020. due to Covid19 pandemic). Real estate prices have constant growth averaging 5% per year depending on area and type of real estate.

Which are the most popular locations to own real estate in Dalmatia?

Dalmatia is considered area from city of Zadar to city of Dubrovnik including Dalmatian Inland, Coast and Islands. Most popular places are: Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Trogir, Zadar and Korcula.

Is this good time to buy real estate in Croatia?

It is the best time! Croatia is part of EU and will become part of Schengen zone till 2023. With a lot of infrastructure projects like „Peljesac bridge“ which will connect south and middle Dalmatia, real estate prices will grow and have constact ROI. Croatia is one of the safest countries in the world with amazing climate and friendly people. Buying real estate in Croatia is winning situation on short and long term.

Can you offer property managers to maintain our real estate when we are not in Croatia?

We provide all services connected with your real estate, so we will find you good property managers in area where you want to buy or you have bought your dream estate.

Can I pay in foreign currency when I'm buying real estate?

All transactions in Croatia need to be in Croatian Kuna (HRK). You can pay from your account in any currency, but bank will convert it to Croatian Kuna with additional charges.

What is the process of buying real estate in Croatia?

When you find your ideal Villa, Apartment or Land you will have to sign contract with seller. Your real estate agent will coordinate all processes betwen you (buyer), seller, lawyer and optionally translator. After signing contract you will have to transfer money from your bank account and conclude the process. Lawyer will send contract to the court and city or place to change owner. Afterwards you only need to pay tax of 3% if you are buying from private person (check question No. 2)

Do I need to have an agent for buying real estate?

It is not obligated to have and agent, or real esatate agency when buying real estate, but it is reccommended if you buy any property, especially expensive ones.